Accounts.NET: For Ad Agencies

Accounts.NET: For Ad Agencies is an All-in-One Accountting and Order Management Software Package particularly customized for Advertisement Agencies. The Software ensures the proper management of the overall process, from Release Order Generation to Payment Retrieval. It features, in addition, all the accounting related features, invoicing, ledger maintenance and account ledger management. Service Tax (if required) can be enabled by users who need taxation.

Fee Management System

Fee Management System is a complete Application for the management of tasks related to fee collection and monitoring in institutions like schools. The application has different versions with Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly fee structures.

The Application features the following facilities:

The Application takes Fee Structure and Amounts for all the classes once and generates fee outstandings’ list automatically on due dates. The System allows discounts and the application can be customized to have different fee... Read more »