Fee Management System

Fee Management System is a complete Application for the management of tasks related to fee collection and monitoring in institutions like schools. The application has different versions with Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly fee structures.

The Application features the following facilities:

  • The Application takes Fee Structure and Amounts for all the classes once and generates fee outstandings’ list automatically on due dates.
  • The System allows discounts and the application can be customized to have different fee heads than the default ones.
  • The Software send automatic SMS to registered Phone Number on Fee Payment.
  • The SMS s can also be sent manually with custom message to any number of student at once.
  • The Software generates reports for daily fee details, class-wise details, weekly details and details for any time period also.
  • The Software generates outstanding books for easy fee outstanding tracking (class-wise and overall).
  • The Software ┬áhas password-only access so that only users with authentication can access the information.
  • The Application prints receipts of fee payment, two copies at once. Fee Receipts can also be printed whenever required.
  • All the reports are printable and can be exported in formats like MS Excel, PDF, MS-Word and much more.
  • The application can be configured to run under a client-server environment, for institutions where there are multiple counters for fee collection. In this case data will be stored at the server system.
  • The application Auto-Updates all the student records automatically at the end of the Session. During this process, all the student are automatically promoted to the next classes, the students belonging to the highest of the classes are removed therefore.

The interface is fairly simple and easy to use. Anyone with basic knowledge of using keyboards and mice can use the system easily.

Please contact us for a free demonstration.